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Rachael - Lead Vocals

Rachael is our leading lady.  Having previously toured Europe as an artiste in her own right, we were lucky to have recruited her into Retrospect roster in 2018.  We're honoured to have our own little woman with a big voice.  Her vocal range and style will blow your mind - and she's a hoot!


Karl - Lead Vocals

Karl is Retrospect's front-man and has spent most of his life singing.  Beginning his career in an esteemed cathedral choir and, later, joining various cover and original bands Karl has shared some of his musical past with Andrew and Justin in earlier incarnations of the current band.

Karl has an eclectic taste in music and can turn his hand to any style.  Ever the professional.

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Gemma - Keyboard and Vocals

Gemma is a classically trained pianist and violinist who has been playing since the age of five.

She arranges much of the music Retrospect perform and completes the third vocal harmony meaning Retrospect's repertoire is huge.

Influenced by classical music as well as rock and metal - Gemma is the true all rounder.

 - Guitar



Justin - Drums and Percussion

Justin has been the backbone of Retrospect's sound since day one.  His playing blends faultlessly with his brother Andy - driving Retrospect at a genetic level.

Technically brilliant - Justin's love of such a variety of musical styles is obvious in his drumming dexterity.

Justin is the joker of the group - its impossible not to laugh around this guy.  Totty!

Andy - Bass Guitar

Andrew was responsible for getting Retrospect together in 2007.  He brings his love of ska, Northern Soul and all things Mod to his unique and lively style of playing.

Andy and his brother, Justin, have played in a number of bands over the years (including some with Karl) and provide the rock solid Retrospect rhythm section sound.

Andy was awesome last night!

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